Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr. Right? Pt. 2

I'm always looking for other things and people to complete me. How can they? Everyone else is just as broken. How and why do I expect others to complete me when they aren't even complete themselves?

God is the only perfect, whole being. He's the only one who knows what it is to be complete, and thus, is the only one who knows how to fix someone who is broken.

Why am I looking towards others, especially guys, to complete me? They can't even fix themselves!

We were made in God's image; He knows what we're supposed to look like and how to get us back to that place. While a godly young man can help point us and encourage us to be who we were meant to be in Christ, he doesn't know the big picture and cannot shape us into who we were created to be. Only God can do that.

We have to let Him fix us before we start looking for "the one." We're always looking for the one who will "complete" us, but you see, two broken halves cannot make a whole. There'll always be that jagged ridge where they meet. Before we look to have our hearts joined with our spouse, our hearts have to be whole in Christ. When we give our hearts into Christ's hands, He is then able to meld them with our spouse's seamlessly because His love and perfection smooths over the rough ridges.

So yes, look and wait for the godly young man you're supposed to be with, because he will be a blessing, but also realize that your heart won't become whole after you meet him. It only becomes whole in Christ.

So before finding Mr. Right, find your heart in Christ.

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