Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Golden Rule Pt. 2

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..." -Matthew 7:12

Well, my friends, I set out several days ago to specifically think of putting others before myself. I thought of what I would like others to do for me, and I hoped to turn around and do those things instead for others. Here is what I had thought of for myself:

Someone to help me clean my room! (it's a tad messy...)

To not worry about having others judge me

To have a peace of mind over finances

To be loved/ to keep being loved

A beautiful night out filled with fun (preferably a date, but a girls' night out would be good too ;)

Over the past few days, I've thought of how I might look to other's needs, and I must admit that I failed rather miserably. When my mom asked me to clean up my stuff around the house, I thought that'd be a great way to show her love... a day later most of it was still lying around. When I would want others to love me, I didn't want to show love to some family friends who were over (I had no patience in socializing). I did succeed in having a great girls' night out with some friends, but was it more about them than it was about me? I don't know.

Overall, these past few days weren't so golden in this respect. It's such a reminder of how easily it is to grow into tunnel vision! You can spend all the time you want with loved ones, but are you spending all that time loving them? You can see people, but do you care about people? 

This is definitely an area in which I have a huge amount of growth yet to do, and maybe you tried the Golden Challenge and found it difficult too. But let's keep giving it a go, okay? Even if it takes a lifetime, I think it will be worth it if each and every day I become even just a little bit better at loving others. 

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