Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sweet Dreams

Don't ever let something, or perhaps more likely, someone, get in the way of chasing your dreams. Whether that person is someone you may be falling in love with or is yourself. Don't put what you've been chasing on hold because you find yourself consumed over this relationship, or even the prospect of it. If that comes along, then be happy, and yes, make room for it in your life. You will undoubtedly have to make sacrifices and compromises, but you shouldn't have to let go of your dreams. In love, you will find a partner and cheerleader with whom to share your dreams. So don't let them go. Don't stop making time for them.

Our dreams pull the potential out from our souls, and they push us to look beyond who we are to who we could be. They are the bright horizon we look to when things get hard, and they are the motivation that keeps us going. Perhaps you've had a specific dream all your life, or perhaps you're just discovering a new one. Whatever the case, don't give up on it. If it fails, then it fails. You can always go on to find a new dream. But never give up before even reaching out.

Your dreams are a part of who you are, so believe in them. Believe in yourself and the potential hidden within your soul. Look out to the horizon, for it is bright.

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